The Civil Society Coalition against Torture in Tajikistan

Who we are? 

The Сoalition was established in 2011  and brings together more than 80 persons -  representatives of the human rights organizations, lawyers, journalists, psychologists in thier effrots to eradicate torture in Tajikistan.

The coalition operates on the basis of agreed Rules and Principles for participation in the NGO Coalition Against Torture in Tajikistan and the Civil Society Strategy to Combat torture and impunity in Tajikistan.

For April 01, 2022 the following organizations are members of the NGO Coalition against Torture in Tajikistan:

  1. Public organization "Association of Pamir Lawyers"
  2. Public organization "Dawn"
  3. Association "Public advisors of the Republic of Tajikistan"
  4. Public organization "Human Rights Center"
  5. Public organization "League of women with disabilities "Ishtirok"
  6. Public Foundation "Legal Initiative"
  7. Public organization "Najoti kudakon"
  8. Public Foundation "Nota Bene" 
  9. Public organization "Office of Civil Freedoms"
  10. Public organization "Otifa"
  11. Public organization "Public health and human rights"
  12. Public organization "The world of law"
  13. Abdurahmon Sharipov, lawyer
  14. Askar Tursunov, lawyer
  15. Fazliddin Khojaev, journalist 
  16. Nargis Hamrabaeva, journalist 
  17. Oynihol Bobonazarova, Director of the PO "Perspektiva Plus"
  18. Dilafruz Samadova, lawyer
  19. Umed Niyazov, lawyer
  20. Zoir Razokov, medical expert
  21. Shuhrat Saidov, lawyer


  • Consolidate efforts and requirements in relation to public authorities on the formation of “zero tolerance” policy on torture in Tajikistan;

  • Based on the international standards of the right to freedom from torture to focus efforts on the improvement of legislation and law enforcement practice.


  • Documentation of uses of torture, provision of legal aid to victims and relatives,litigation in court:

  • Promotion of the national policy on freedom from torture. 

  • Promotion of Istanbul Protocol standards, to help health care providers improve their knowledge and skills in conducting medical examinations of torture victims 

  • Creation a system of rehabilitation for victims of torture - psychological and social assistance

  • Promotion the mechanisms of fair and adequate compensation for the victims of torture in the courts

  • Raising public awareness on issues of freedom from torture

  • Monitoring of implementation of recommendations by UN treaty bodies on issues of freedom from torture

  • Strengthening of regional cooperation with the Coalitions against Torture in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.



  •  More than 200 cases of torture and ill-treatment had been documented

  • We represented 81 cases in the courts and government bodies; as a result of our activities 25 persons were prosecuted  on 16 criminal cases.

  • In six cases of non-pecuniary damage,the courts ordered the state authorities to pay monetary compensation to the victims of torture and their families.

  • Six victims of torture and their families recieved psychological assistance

  • 130 health workers had been trained  on the standards of effective documentation of torture

  • The Coaltion members together with the Ombudsman Office in the Republic of Tajikistan visited 20 closed and semi-closed institutions, to help public authorities to improve the conditions in detention facilities and to develop strategies for the prevention of torture

  • More than 800 information and analytical materials on individual cases of torture and on freedom from torture were released, the Coalition held about 50 meetings and briefings with international and non-governmental organizations and official delegations of other countries.

Coalition priorities of the  for 2016 - 2020 years:

  • Promotion of the creation of an effective response system to allegations of torture and ill-treatment and an independent investigation mechanism of torture in Tajikistan, Access to places of detention for independent monitoring;

  • Promotion of the Istanbul Protocol standards in the legislation and in practice, including the creation of an independent forensic examination institute

  • Promotion of the creation of the public control institute over detention facilities and prisons

  • Promotion of improvement of effective indemnity mechanisms for victims of torture and their families, including fair and adequate compensation, including the means for

    full rehabilitation.

Working Groups and Governing Bodies:

  • Coalition's Council  -all current members of the Coalition. 
  • Head of the Coalition - PO “Human righrs centre” 
  • Analytical group - Public Foundation "Nota Bene"
  • Legal Aid Group - Rights and Prosperity
  • Rehabilition Group - Legal Initiative 
  • Media Group: Independent Center for Human Rights Protection

The Coalition has its website, which is a comprehensive information tool on torture and inhuman treatment in Tajikistan, where relevant media articles, policy documents, analyzes and studies, interviews, and other necessary information can be found, you can also visit our page "Freedom from torture/озоди аз шиканча on facebook and «» on Twitter .
You can contact us thrpigh email:  or by hotlines of the Legal Aid Group:  in Sughd region (987873333), in Khatlon region (987876666), in Dushanbe and RRS (987087676). For issues regarding human rights violations in the Army, you can contact us by phone (+992) 933 331 703 and (+992) 922221803. Hotlines operates 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.