Disgraced Tajik businessman sentenced to 26 years in jail

Disgraced Tajik businessman sentenced to 26 years in jail

The court sentenced disgraced Tajik businessman Zayd Saidov to 26 years in prison and confiscation of property on December 25.

According to Saidov’s defense lawyer, Shuhrat Qudratov, the sentence followed his conviction of charges of bribe-taking, financial fraud, polygamy, rape and illegal deprivation of liberty. Zayd Saidov will serve his term in a high-security penal colony.

The court's ruling was nearly identical to the prosecution's earlier demand for a 28-year prison term.

Saidov’s defense lawyers intend to appeal against the sentence.

We will recall that known Tajik businessman Zayd Saidov went on trial in Dushanbe on September 12. The trail was held in the pretrial detention facility of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) behind closed doors.

Zayd Saidov, who is the leader of Tajikistan's unregistered New Tajikistan party, was arrested on May 19 and charged with bribe-taking (Article 319 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code), abuse of office (Article 314), financial fraud (Article 247), extortion (Article 250), polygamy (Article 170), rape (Article 138) and sexual relations with a minor (Article 125).

Zayd Saidov maintains innocence.