Performance of the Coalition of the Civil Society against Torture and Impunity in Tajikistan for 2023

In 2023, there has decreased the number of documented cases of torture and cruel treatment, nevertheless, organizations-members of the Coalition have continued their activities by promoting issues of freedom from torture both, at legislative level and in practice. One of the important advances in promotion of the improvement of legislation on freedom from torture is the entry into force, in July 2023, of new Civil Code of the Republic of Tajikistan containing provisions on compensation for moral harm with regard to torture cases. Yet another plus point is the adoption, on August 5, 2023, of National Human Rights Strategy for the period until 2031, and the first Plan of Actions for its implementation.

The Coalition of the Civil Society against Torture and Impunity in Tajikistan has been providing free legal and rehabilitative (medical and psychosocial) assistance.

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If you or your relatives have been subjected to torture and cruel treatment, call or write on WhatsApp or Telegram:
 +992 98 787 66 66 across Khatlon Oblast
 +992 98 787 33 33 across Soghd Oblast
 +992 98 708 76 76 for Dushanbe City and RRS

Apply to our offices:
 “Tojikmatlubot” Building, 137 Rudaki Avenue, Dushanbe
Office №117, 42 Somoni Avenue, Khujand

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