Head of the Isfara Criminal Investigation Unit is accused of torture

Head of the Isfara Criminal Investigation Unit is accused of torture

Another criminal case on torture was launched in Tajikistan, while the offender continues to hold his position.

Ruqia Haydarova, a resident Isfara whose son became a victim of the police officers’ actions had reported to “Asia Plus” news agency that a criminal case as launched by the Sughd regional Prosecutor Office on the article 143 Part 2 (torture) of the Criminal Code against the Head of the of Criminal Investigation unit of the MIA of Isfara Azizullo Asimov.

At the telephone conversation the woman informed about the circumstances under which her son became a victim of torture and ill-treatment. “In the evening, on December 17, 2012, my son Akmal Muzaffarov, 30-year-old left on his car and did not return. His phone was disconnected. I was very nervous and already about to start searching him, when he was brought by his friends in the afternoon. He was beaten, and his right leg was in a cast”- says Ruqia Haydarova.

Later it was identified that Akmal’s car was stopped by two unknown persons in civic clothes and demanded for documents. “When my son refused to present documents to unknown persons, Azizullah Asimov, the Head of the Head of the of Criminal Investigation unit of the MIA of Isfara who was sitting in the next car started to insult Akmal, kicking and beating him. They took him to the police station, where beatings were continued”- informed Haydarova.

According to her, Asimov insisted that Akmal was allegedly drunk, however the narcologist who was at the police on that day stated that he was sober at the moment of detention. “After this Asimov poured him 200 grams of vodka and forced him to drink it and to sign the protocol. The next day he was returned the confiscated during the detention documents, including the passport and registration certificate of the car, cell phone and was sent home. At the same time he was warned not to tell anyone what had happened to him”, – informed the victim’s mother.

Consequently his friends helped him get to the emergency station where the doctor fixed a broken leg with a cast. They also conducted a forensic examination, which established bodily injuries of medium gravity.

The woman reported that on the same day they applied to the regional Prosecutor's Office which immediately reacted alike to the Debarment of the Internal Security MIA and the results of the conducted investigation proved all the facts states in the application. Criminal proceedings were instituted, and Akmal Muzaffarov was granted a victim status. “Video cameras at the station fixed how my son was taken there and how he left the next day with a broken leg”, - says Haydarova.

However, the woman is very concern with the fact that the Head of the Criminal Investigation unit of Isfara  Azizullo Asimov, who was charged, has not been yet taken into custody and is still continues to work in his office. “He and his subordinates put pressure on us, demanding that we should reject our statements. I am very concerned for the safety of my son, and my family”, - she said.

Sergei Romanov, a human rights activist, commenting the situation stated that according to the law, in case when there is a threat for a victim, witness or other participants of the case, as well as their families, the law provides measures for the protection of life, health, honor, dignity, and property of those persons.

“Thus, the victim should address the investigator who is charge of the criminal case, to ensure the security measures on the basis of the Law “On the State Protection of the participants of the criminal proceedings”. The law enforcement agencies are required to respond quickly to this statement and to ensure Muzafarov Akmal and his family protection”- informed the human rights defender.

Nargis Hamrabaeva, "Asia-Plus"