Nargiz Zokirova, Public Union “ Bureau on Human Rights”: “Human rights work is a way of life”.

“I entered  the human rights sphere being a journalist, with an aim to learn human rights journalism. I did not  think that this sphere would become mine  for many years to come. This is probably due to the fact that this is an area where I have the opportunity to help people, to promote their interests, rights and freedoms at the national and international levels. I would like to note that  people do not join the human rights sphere by mistake or occasionally. Those who come are strong personalities, with love to people in their hearts, those for whom the highest value is the dignity of a human,  and those who have a deep understading of justice. There is no such a profession as a human rights defender, this is a way of life. Living such a life means to be ready to help at any time of the day, so not everyone entering this field can bearthis load, but only those who believe in justice and human rights remain.”