Alouddin Boimatov, PA “Apeyron”: “Drug-addicted people are full members of society”.

For more than 12 years the specialists of our organization have been actively working  with injecting drug users and their families with the aim of providing prevention services within the harm reduction programs. From the first years of work one could observe  the discrimination against  this core group and the social stigma attached by society, as well as by their family members. One great German philosopher  remarked: "If those who are being brought up are fostered wrongly, you should re-educate the tutors themselves.” We must begin with ourselves. All the stereotypes, patterns, outdated values need to be sent in the historical dustbin. We held a lot of advocacy activities to protect the rights and interests of this target group. Despite the fact that we were able to get good, practically useful results that pleased us immensely, many challenges are still ahead of us. People who use drugs are full members of  society. Our civic duty is to make every effort to  give them the equal opportunity to enjoy their human rights, particularly the right to receive health services, education and employment.”